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Old Roads and Bridges

This Road / Bridge located in Tehran city.
Tehran is a city of Tehran province.
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The oldest remnants of the ancient road and bridges belong to the Sassanian era. These roadways were connecting Ray to Esfahan. A remnant the Sassanian roadway in this region is the route which was supposed to pass from south of Howz-e-Soleiman (between Dalak and Mohammad Abad of Kaj) and was considered to be one of the important communicating routes between Ray to Esfahan.
The Dalak Bridge which was also built on Qarah Chai River was mainly used for connecting Qom to Mashad. There is also another old paved route to the north of the Siyah Kooh Mountain which had formed an important link between Esfahan and coasts of the Caspian Sea.

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Old Roads and Bridges
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