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Marlik Archaeological Region

This Archaeological Hill located in Roodbar city.
Roodbar is a city of Gilan province.
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On the eastern fringes of the Sefid Rood River in Roodbar,is a beautiful valley called 'Gowhar Rood'. Nestling in this valley are both large and small archaeological hillocks. Amongst which are the 5 hillocks of Marlik, Zainab, Beejar, Peelaqaleh and Jazemkool. These are vital and valuable remnants. Marlik is a natural hillock and its rocky structure reveals rich composites of iron sulphate.
Some research workers believe that Marlik has attained its name from the innumerable snakes that have inhabited it. (As 'Mar' means snake in the Persian language). Whereas, some believe that the treasures of Marlik are related to the Amard clan. In the studies performed on this site, a large number of broken earthenware pieces can be noted. Moreover, in the excavations carried out two tiny statues of cows in admiralty metal, two cylindrical seals, fourteen gold buttons and other unique objects have been discovered. In this hillock, there is the remnants of a quadrangular structure with an approximate area of 30 sq. m. the same probably being a tomb or temple.
This hillock was also a site where the local commanders or princes who ruled in the 2nd or 1st millennium BC. were laid to rest. According to the tradition of the times, the dead were buried along with their treasures. About 25 tombs have been discovered, in some of which are human carcases, besides which, articles such as earthenware and bronze vessels, decorative buttons, arrows, swords, spears, bronze and earthenware statues, daggers, hemlets and ........ have been discovered. Fabrics from this site have come to hand that determine the fact that weaving was a progressive technology in Iran thousands of years ago, and more so in Gilan. About 11 seals have been discovered in these excavations, and these have interesting designs and patterns on them. There is a seal engraved in the Cuneiform script.
According to archaeologists, the same dates to a millennium BC. Excavations of Marlik are spectacular and outstanding in the world. Valuable articles such as, gold, silver and bronze cups, chinaware and mosaic have also come to hand. The Marlik Cup is unique and is 18 cm. in height and is of pure gold. The center of which reveals the pattern of the tree of life, with two bewinged cows on either side. At the base of the cup is a beautiful flower intricately engraved.

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