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East Azarbaijan
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Kabootar ( Hampoeil ) Cave

This Cave located in Maraqeh city.
Maraqeh is a city of East Azarbaijan province.
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This cave is 15 km. southeast of Maraqeh in the rocky structure of the mountains, south facing and from the river bed of Moordi Chay at an altitude of about 1,600 m. The opening of the cave measures 8 m. and its height is from 25-40 m. Near the entrance of the cave an inscription can be noted in the Russian script the date of which being 1925. Within the cave there are two spaces or squares, the first one covering an area of 2,400 sq. m. This cave is important due to the deep wells which are also frightening. These wells form steep inclines giving way to large spaces resembling large halls.
This cave is one interesting to those active in research and working in these fields. Access to this cave requires suitable equipment like oxygen, cables, lighting facilities and observing other security measures.

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