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Population: 2,004,000
Area: 175069 sq km
Altitude: 1754
Average Temperature: 15.5

Negar Tower

The same is one of the artistically constructed towers that is a relic of the Saljuqi period on the Baft - Zanjan route. It has been built and adorned with brick works There is also an inscription here in the kufic script worked in blue tile.
Esfandageh Summer Residing Place

This summer resort is situated at a distance of 72 km. from Jiroft and Baft. It is called by this name because of the wild rue that grows there which is famous for it. An ancient and historical tomb is present here, known as the tomb of Mir Heydar which ...
Rabar Summer Residing Place

Rabar is situated at a distance of 24 km. from Baft and is the summer residing quarter for tribes. It has a pleasant climate and a picturesque view. In addition to which there are many springs present here. Moreover, this vicinity encompasses interesting ...
Bam Citadel

To the north east of the Bam city, in the skirts of a gigantic rock is the foundations of a fortified castle, reputedly known as the Bam Citadel. This citadel was actually the old city of Bam. The city comprised of four sections and 38 watch towers. ...
Naderi Tower, Fahraj

This structure is constructed and beautifully adorned with bricks. The same was a land mark of the times, so as to guide the caravans in the region of Bam and Fahraj en route Zahedan to Kerman. It is said that the same was constructed under the orders ...
Bakri Village Summer Residing Place

Deh Bekri is located in the township of Bam, in the skirts of the Sheer Mountain and Barez Range. The mountain sides are covered with wild pistachio, almond and wild almond trees. Deh Bekri is situated in a cool and verdant valley covered with walnut, ...
Hezar Mountain

The said mountain is located in the Rayn Village of Bam, and has an altitude of 4,465 m. This region extends over an area of 900 sq. km. and comprises of the Sarboneh and Sarmashk that adjoin the Lalehzar and Bahr Aseman Mountains. The Marqzar and Tah ...
New Bam Citadel Tourism-Industrial Town

Close to the vicinity of The Old citadel (Arq-e-Qadeem) of Bam, is located a new tourist complex known as the new citadel (Arq-e-Jadid). This is a modern tourist resort with recreational areas and all the latest facilities for the welfare of visitors ...
Fahraj Village

The Fahraj village is at a distance of 58 km east of Bam. The ruins of two castles, surrounded by a moat can be noted here. Three kilometers east to the village is a relatively huge cemetry, where skeleton bones and other articles have been discovered. ...
Galehdari Bath

The same is the only historical bath in Bandar Abbas, and there is a strong possibility that this be related to the Safavid period. This bath is located in the Eivazi vicinity of the city. During the Qajar era, this bath was endowed to the Galehdari ...
Peer-e-Barhaq (Jarsooz) Mausoleum

This mausoleum is a relic of the 7th century AH. in Bardseer. Externally the structure is square shaped, but internally it is octagonal. The dome of this structure is made of brick, and adorned with arches, plaster work, tile work depicting a flowery ...
Negar Village

Negar is considered as one of the important villages of the township of Bardseer, and has also been mentioned in records. Two of its relics namely, a ruined bath and a minaret of a mosque (adorned with bricks and tile work), remain to be seen in the ...
Amir Heydar Tomb

The same is situated in Daulat Abad, Esfandaqieh and is a relic of the Safavid era. This structure comprises of a dome, porches, arched ceilings and corridors. Internally, the structure is four-sided, but higher up it changes to an octagon with coinciding ...
Mir Heydar (Goor Khan) Mausoleum

The same is a relic of the Safavid period and is located in Esfandaqieh of Jiroft. The structure resembles a dome with eight external porches. Internally, the dome is four-sided, but higher up in its structure converts to an octagon. A marble tomb stone ...
Samooran Castle

This castle has been built of reddish marble and is located on an elevation, east to the city of Jiroft. The upper walls are approximately 1,000 sq. m. and are made of rocks and natural precipices. In parts where the enemy could have launched an attack, ...
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