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Abolqasem Rashti Caravansary, Aqda

The same is located in Aqda and near the main route. This structure is similar in architecture to that of the Shah Abbasi caravansaries, and was constructed by the reputed merchant Haj Abolqasem Rashti. The caravansary has a tall wind trapper (badgir) ...
Khargooshi Caravansary, Aqda

The said is a structure of the Shah Abbas Safavid period and is located near the Gav Khooni swamp of Aqda Village - en route to the path which ancient caravans followed. This caravansary has been named such, in accordance to that of the desert area alongside ...
Peer Harisht Fire Temple

This shrine is located at a distance of 15 km. in the Ardakan Road and is on the skirt of low lying mountains. Several rest houses and three water reservoirs have been built near this shrine. The Zoroastrians visit this region and stay there on (Farvardin ...
Aqda Jame' Mosque, Aqda

This mosque located at a distance of 74 kilometers from Naein. It has a hot bath and a summer porch. Above the altar there is a star-like tile similar to those of 8th century AH.
Aqda Village

Located near the Yazd - Esfahan Road and at the distance of 40 km. in the northwest of Ardakan, this village has the following historical edifices, Haj Abolqasem Rashti caravansary built in 1269 AH. with the structure resembling the Shah Abbasi Caravansary, ...
Haftadar Village

This is located at the distance of 34 km. to the northwest of Ardakan and adjacent to Ardakan - Naein Road, and experiences a temperate-dry climate. Boz Galeh Kon Gateway which is a relic of the 9th century AH. is situated to the east of village, and ...
Kharanaq Village

Settled at a distance of 85 km. east of Ardakan. It has a temperate dry climate and is located in a mountainous region. Some of its historical edifices are presented below: Shahzadeh (princess) caravansary built under the orders of Mohammad Vali ...
Mehrjerd Village

Situated at a distance of 11 km. in the south of Ardakan and 2 km. to the west of Yazd - Ardakan road, It enjoys a temperate dry climate. Mehr Negar, Anushirvan's daughter founded this village, and its name was later changed to Mehrjerd. An old castle, ...
Imamzadeh Abdollah

There exists a magnificent splendid and grand edifice, which, in terms of architectural design, dome, tile-work, and its internal decorations, is regarded as an invaluable vestige. The walls of the room have been covered with hexagonal azure tiles with ...
Behabad Village

This is one of the important centers in one of the districts of Bafq. Regarding the terminology of this word, it consists of the prefix "Beh" (meaning the best) and "Abad" (meaning a habitable place). The historical relics of the area are the Jame' Mosque, ...
Qatrom Village

It is located at a distance of 50 kilometers to the north of the Zarand Road and Bafq - Zarand railway. It has a temperate dry climate, and the Hasht (eight) mosque is the most prominent religious centers of the city. The Quibla (or direction towards ...
Narenj (Narin) Castle

This building, which in colloquial language is called Narenj Castle, is one of the most important relics of the province dating back to the period before the advent of Islam to Iran, and has been recorded as one of the national buildings. This ancient ...
Khadijeh Khatoon (Khajeh Khatoon) Pilgrimage

This pilgrimage site is situated in Mehrjerd village of Maybod city. The entrance facade has been restored and two minarets were also constructed and annexed to the edifice. Two tombstones are here of remarkable importance and antiquity. One is in frontal ...
Imamzadeh Koshteh Khaneh

This resting-place is located next to the Jame' Mosque in Mehreez of Yazd province. According to some narrations during Mongol invasion to Iran a group who took refuge in this Imamzadeh, were massacred, thus called "Koshteh Khaneh" (house of killed people). ...
Mehr Padin Village

It has been reported that the historical background of Mehr Padin is closely linked with that of Mehreez. Most probably it was the original place of the city. The historical attractions of the village are as follows: the old cypress tree, in Mang Abad ...
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