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Abadi Sobh Fire Temple

This fire-temple is situated 5 km. north west of the Qoosheh village of Damqan, and currently only the huge and thick pillars remain.
Ali Spring Edifice

The province of 'Gomess' and the city of Damqan, was favored by the monarchs of the early Qajar dynasty. Thus prompting rulers such as Aqa Mohammad Khan and Fathali Shah to construct beautiful edifices in the vicinity of Ali Spring (Damqan). The said ...
Chehel Akhtaran Dome

This tower is located in the Fallahi Avenue of Damqan. The same is related to the Saljuqi period, and was constructed in the year 446 AH., under the orders of Abu Shoja. The structure is made of brick, and near the dome is a beautiful engraving in the ...
Damqan Bazaar

The frame work of this bazaar is extremely ancient, and the said has been repaired during the Qajar reign. The shops vary in size. This bazaar has two caravansaries which are responsible for the work that the various guilds are employed in.
Damqan City Caravansaries

In the covered 'bazaar' of Damqan two brick constructed caravansaries are situated. One of these is a new caravansary, rectangular in shape and with chambers surrounding it. The other is the old caravansary having shops or chambers which are currently ...
Mayan Village Castles

These three castles are known as the "upper castle", "lower castle" and the "haram castle". These are located to the south of the said village. The upper castle dates back to 700 years. This square castle has 4 towers rising to the height of 8 m. Three ...
Peer-e-Alamdar Tower

This tower is near the Jame' Mosque and the Fathali Beig School of Damqan. In the year 417 AH., this brick tomb was constructed round in shape, with a conical dome. The structure rises to a height of 13 m. and because of a beautiful 'kufic' engraving ...
Shah Abbasi Caravansary

This is a relic from the Safavid era and is located in the Shaheed Fallahi Avenue in Damqan city. This structure has a tall doorway, vast hall and various rooms. There is a porch at the top of the entrance door. The walls of this "Rowbat" or inn is made ...
Abdol Aali and Abdol Emali Mausoleum

This mausoleum is located in the locality of Ma'soomzadeh, to the south east of Damqan. It has an onion shaped dome, constructed of sun baked bricks and clay. Externally covered with plain dark blue tiles. Two tombs are located in the center of an octagonal ...
Damqan Jame' Mosque

The said mosque is located opposite the Haj Fath Ali Beig school in the city of Damqan. This structure has a double row of brick columns, supporting the rounded brick laid ceiling, which has plaster amidst the rows of brick. The altar of the mosque is ...
Imamzadeh Ja'far and Imamzadeh Mohammad

The aggregate of Imamzdeh Ja'far comprises of the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Ja'far, mausoleum of Imamzadeh Mohammad, Shahrokh's tomb and the structure of Chehel Dokhtaran, located in the city center of Damqan. The said dates back to the Saljuqi period. ...
Ali Spring

The spring lies 35 km. north of Damqan. In the past this vicinity was the realm of the monarchs or rulers, who spent their leisure time here. For example, Aqa Mohammad Khan and Fathali Shah Qajar selected this area to erect fine edifices. The spring ...
Dehnamak Caravansary

This structure is located 40 km. east of Garmsar. The same has four porches. The entrance has two lateral side-rooms in two storeys and shaped like a trapezium which lies to the southern side of the structure.
Einol Rashid Palace

The said palace is situated 2 km. north of the Shah Abbas palace. Externally the structure is 86 m. in length and with a maximum of 47 m. in breadth. This structure has two large courtyards, and the entrance is in the shape of a porch south of the main ...
Garmsar Water Reservoir

The same is located to the north of the Jame' Mosque of Garmsar. The remnants of the main reservoir in the form of spiral staired domed structure is located inside the alley. Currently it resembles an open field. In the past this reservoir with a depth ...
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