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Population: 2,241,900
Area: 14711 sq km
Altitude: -7m
Average Temperature: 15.8

Apeer Jangali Tomb

The tomb of this gnostic lies in Bazkia Goorab, between Astaneh Ashrafieh and Lahijan. The mausoleum is an archaic brick structure. Its flooring is of green ancient tiles and its court-yard covered with rounded arches, with an indiscreet dome under the ...
Dr. Mohammad Moein Tomb

Dr. Mohammad Moein, a great personality in the field of Persian literature was the compiler of the Persian Encylopaedia. This tomb attracts those devout to the literature of the land.
Seyed Ali Kia Mausoleum, Lasht Nesha

The above mentioned is located in the Ejdaha Baluch Village of Lasht Nesha. It is a quadrangular structure with a porch on all sides. The ceiling of the front porch rests on ten beautiful ancient wooden columns. The internal cornices and porches are ...
Seyed Jalaledin Ashraf Mausoleum

This mausoleum is situated at a distance of 34 km. east of Rasht and in the city of Astaneh Ashrafieh. According to records the said is the offspring of the 7th Imam of the Shi'ite sect. The original structure was constructed in the year 311 AH., under ...
Peer Qotbeddin Tomb

The same is located at a distance of 3 km. north west of the city of Astara. This personality is a great and honored gnostic. The structure is an archaic one and has been constructed of brick. There is a slab of marble in its anteroom, which is beautifully ...
Gomrok (Custom) Edifice Complex

The original buildings are related to the Qajar era. These were constructed by the Russians and later renovated during the Pahlavi period. The music building was constructed on grecian lines, as the architect was a Greek. The dome of the structure is ...
Mian Poshteh Palace

This palace was constructed under the orders of Pahlavi I, in the midst of a 17 hectare garden in the port of Anzali. The building has an area of 1,168 sq. m. and consists of halls, saloons, chambers and other sections. On its ceilings and walls are ...
Qazian Bridge and Mian Poshteh Bridge

The Mian Poshteh Bridge is the bridge connecting the provinces of Azarbayjan and Gilan. It was constructed in Mian Poshteh and Qazian during the reign of Pahlavi I. Its length is 210 m. with a width of 10 m. and is of concrete. The same is one of the ...
Seyed Sharaf Shah Tomb, Rezvan Shahr

The said is located in the village of Darsara, 5 km. to the east of Rezvan Shahr. Due to holding the great gnostic and poet of the 8th century in high esteem, the vicinity has come to be known as Seyed Sharaf Shah or Seyed Sharafeddin. The structure ...
Anzali Wetland

It extends to the south western coast of the Caspian Sea, west of the Sefid Rood delta and south of the port of Anzali. Rivers, streams and water from irrigation drains into this wetland, which covers an area of more than 100 square kilometers. Most ...
Caspian Sea

Covering an area of approximately 438,000 square kilometers, it is the world's largest land-locked body of water or lake. It spreads between Iran, Russia, Turkamenistan, Qazaqistan and Azarbayjan. Its southern shores belonging to Iran are from the Makhtoom ...
Mian Poshteh Palace Museum (Navy Exhibition)

The historical structure of Mian Poshteh is located in one of the most beautiful locality of Bandar Anzali. In the year 1924, this palace was reclaimed by Reza Shah from its owner who was a Russian merchant. In 1977, this museum was inaugurated as the ...
Own-ebne Ali Mausoleum, Masooleh

The above mentioned is situated in the township of Masooleh. According to existing documents, this is the resting abode of Mohammad Hanifeh, the offspring of Imam Ali (AS). The mausoleum is an ancient octagonal structure with an extremely archaic valuable ...
Masooleh Village

This village is situated in the south west of Fooman, 63 km. from Rasht. It enjoys a moderate climate. Local architecture, springs, waterfalls, the 'Rood Khan' River and dense forests all make it an attractive tourism spot. Masooleh's integrated architecture ...
Salsaal Lisar Castle

The same is located on a hill in the Hareh Dasht region, 18 km. from Talesh. It is constructed of stone, mortar, a kind of white mortar and brick. This magnificent structure is relevant to the Saljuqi period. It comprises of an alcove, sentry picket, ...
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