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Kohkilouyeh Va Boyer Ahmad
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Kohkilouyeh Va Boyer Ahmad

Khosravi Hill

In the old geographical texts, the present city of Yasooj was named as Tal-e- Khosravi. This hillock which even today known as Tal-e- Khosravi is situated to the south of Yasooj city. Besides this hillock all other remnants, in present Yasooj have been ...
Malakanieh Hill (Malakanieh Kooshk)

This historical hill is related to the 3rd millennium BC. and was used in the 8th to 10th centuries AH. The same is located at a distance of 1 km. from the Badangan Village in northwest of Sisakht en route to Semirom. This site can be compared to the ...
Mohrehei Hill

The same is one of the pre-historic hills of the province and belongs to the 4th and 3rd millennium BC. from historical value point of view this hillock can be compared with the Dom Cheran hill in this region. This hillock is at a distance of 1 km. from ...
Naqareh Khanehs

In the province of Kohkiluyeh Va Boyer Ahmad, remnants such as Naqareh Khaneh can still be observed. The said are relics from the pre-Islamic era in Iran. The distinct period when the drums would come to sound at sunrise, sunset, and whenever religious ...
Paaychol Graveyard, Sisakht (Boyer Ahmad)

This grave yard is related to the 2nd millennium BC. and is close to the Karami village of Sisakht. From historical point of view, the site is comparable to the pre-historic archaeological hills in the region. More archaeological surveys, excavations ...
Pataveh (Padena) Bridges

This bridge is located within 15 km. of the Dena Mountains in upper Boyer Ahmad, and has very tall walls which overlooks the river. Due to its climatical and geographical factors it forms one of the main roads of Tisfoon, Estakhr, Susa, Behbahan, Esfahan ...
Takht-e-Shah Neshin Bridge (Payeh Bridge)

This monument has pillars covered by stone and is related to the Achaemenian era. The same lies on the Behbahan - Dehdasht - Pataveh Old Road. It is located at a distance of 1.5 km. of the Pataveh Village in Yasooj and 50 km. north west of Sisakht to ...
Other Historical Hills

Dom Chenar at a distance of 400 km. from Dom Chenar Village in Yasooj. Tal-e-Shohada in north eastern Yasooj, Tal-e-Chega en route to Basht Charam and Tal-e-Gabr in the center of Choram city.
Imamzadeh Abdollah

Imamzadeh Abdolah is located in Naqareh Khaneh village. Surrounding this Imamzadeh are ancient graves with engraved tomb stones. Some of which are engraved with riders on horseback with swords, symbols such as the sun and stars can be observed here. ...
Imamzadeh Pahlevan Mausoleum

En route to Yasooj, beyond the main road and in the heart of the mountain there is a tomb called Imamzadeh Pahlevan. It consists of a room with walls and a dome of gypsum. Close to this Imamzadeh there are some stones, on which lots of engravings, writings ...
Other Mausoleums and Imamzadehs

Imamzadeh Seyed Isa, Mokhtar, Mahmood, Imamzadeh Hassan, Imamzadeh Qasem and Farajollah in Boyer Ahmad city. Imamzadeh Amir-Almomenin, Amir Shahriar, Ali Sadat, Mohammad Baqer, Masoum and Masoumeh, Yahya, Shahzadeh Soleiman, Seyed Soleiman, Seyed Emadeddin ...
Bahram Beigy Waterfall

This waterfall is 30 meters in height and is located between Pataveh and Loadab Bahram Beigi in the southern sector of the Dena Mountains. Providing a glorious view, and located in heart of verdant plains with oak trees around the Loadab and Boyer Ahmad ...
Barm Shir Wetland

This wetland is 5000 sq. meters in area and is located in the narrow Shir Pass in Boyer Ahmad. This area can be considered as an excellent recreational spot, further enhanced by the beauty of its natural surroundings.
Beshar River

This river originates from the south east of upper Boyer Ahmad as well as Ardakan and Mamasani Mountains in Fars Province and continues towards the north east of the lower part of Boyer Ahmad. The major sources of this river are Ganjoun, Tizab and Tang-e-Sorkh ...
Boraq Gorge

This gorge or pass is in the Sepeedan - Yasooj Road and is close to the Tang-e-Tizab or Tizab Gorge. This recreational area has an outstanding road which is very important, specially from the point of view of mountain climbing. It is also covered by ...
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