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Khorram Abad
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Chelcheli Mountain

This mountain is situated 30 km. to the southwest of Ali Abad and southeast of Gorgan and south of Imamzadeh Zeilan. This mountain is 3,123 meters in height and the Chelcheli Imamzadeh and Baqeshah rivers and many other springs form their sources here.
Gorjavan River

The above mentioned river is formed by the adjoining of "Vejadareh" and "Zarin Gol" Rivers, 8 km. southeast of Ali Abad. After passing through the Katool Village, east of Qasem Khan Lake, it adjoins the Chah Ali River. Finally at 3 km. east of Arban ...
Kaboodwall Spring

This spring is in a deep and beautiful valley of Kabodwall forest. Kabodwall is situated 5 km. to the south of Ali Abad Katoul township.
Qoroq Land Mountain

This mountain situated 27 km. to the south of Ali Abad and 8 km. to the south of Alestan Village, is 3,039 meters high. The forest mountain of Qoroq Land is where the Golyouri, Alestan Roodbar, and Ajoran Rivers form their sources and many springs flow ...
Takiyano Mountain

The Takiyano Mountain is situated at 22 km. south east of Ali Abad and 7 km. south of the Afratakhteh Village. Its height is 2,901 meters. The Takiyano Mountain is a vicinity where the Afrakhteh and Nardeban Rivers.
Caspian Sea (Khazar Sea)

The shore of Caspian Sea with its verdant plain and high mountains are one of the most attractive parts of the Golestan province and Iran. The Caspian Sea covers an area of 438,000, and is the largest lake of the world. Its southern shores from ...
Ashora Deh Village

Ashora Deh (Ashorada or Ashour island) is a part of Bandar Turkaman and one of the beautiful places of Golestan province situated 25 kilometer from Gorgan. Ashora Deh is an island with damp and moderate climate and is a suitable place for wildlife (when ...
Gonbad Qaboos Tower

The same is a majestic structure made of brick, with special technicalities and affects of art, related to the 4th century AH. This structure which is located on a hillock amidst the grand park of Gonbad Kavoos city, is the tomb of Shams-ol-Mali Qaboos ...
Dahaneh River

The Dahaneh River is formed by the adjoining of "Anas Khivag" and "Mothersoo" Rivers, in the Tangar Village, 54 km. north east of Gonbad Kavoos. The same, passing through the valleys in the north and south, flows towards the west. After flowing through ...
Shir Abad Waterfall, Khanbebin

This waterfall is situated 7 km. to the south of Khanbebin town and in the slopes of the Alborz mountain in a forested area. On its way, there are some beautiful springs and rivers. This waterfall is in the form of a stairway and includes 12 large and ...
Aq Qala Bridge

The Aq Qala Bridge is placed at the distance of 18 km. to the north of Gorgan and at the beginning of Gorgan River and Aq Qala city. This bridge is 74 meters in length and in both sides has refuges with 1.5 meters height and consists of four arches. ...
Aqa Mohammad Khan Palace

This palace was built by Aqa Mohammad Khan-e-Qajar and is situated in the south of Gorgan. Its architectural affects are related to the 12th century AH.
Ekhtesasi (Exclusive) Palace

The same is located in Gorgan park and is in two floors with an architecture of the Pahlavi period, and a touch of European architecture. Currently this palace and its surroundings are used as public library in the city of Gorgan.
Eskandari Dam (Defence Wall)

The said defensive wall is reputedly known by the names of "Qezel Allan", "Eskandar" (which is also known as "Firoozeh" Dam) and is located to the north of Gorgan and Gonbad.The same stretches from a west to east direction. Alongside this wall are defensive ...
Espi Fort (Aq Qal'eh)

The location of this castle is in the northern section of the former Mobarak Abad castle, on the fringes of the Gorgan River.
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