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Ardeshir Palace

This structure was constructed in the vicinity of 'Tang-e-Eram' and holds strong possibility of being a resting place or hunting location of lodge.
Bardak Siyah Achaemenid Palace

The winter palace of Dariush or 'Darius' located 12 km. north of the current city of Burazjan is known as the 'Bardak Siyah (palace). This palace has 10 pillars in two rows and is architectured according to Achaemenian design. Black stone is used as ...
Burazjan Fort

This castle located in the city center of Burazjan, was for a long duration utilized as a prison. Originally it was a 'caravansary' or local inn in Qajar period and is on national record.
Chehel Khaneh Historical Caves

In the north of 'Sa'dabad' (district of Burazjan), the 'Shapour River' flows through the rocky, stony and layers of heaped sand. The two sides and within these rocks, there are numerous crypts (similar to tiny 'dug out' chambers or rooms). Chehel Khaneh ...
Derakht (Tonbeh Koru) Water Reservoir

This water reservoir is 12 km. east of Burazjan and at present has two reservoir to the radius of approximately 4 m. dug out in the ground.
Goor Dokhtar, Dasht-e-Arjan

The structure of 'Goor Dokhtar' is very similar to the mausoleum of Koorush the great in Pasargadae (about 600 BC.). This structure is made of 24 slabs of stones, according to the 'Orartoie' and Elamite principles such as the ziggurat of Choqazanbil.This ...
Koorush Palace

This palace is located south east of Burazjan and alongside the dry river of 'Aardi'. This palace was one of the most important bases of Iran on the coasts of the Persian Gulf during the Achaemenian era. According to the mode of architecture, it could ...
Tal-e-Khandaq Hill

Approximately towards the north of Burazjan and on the road leading towards Dalky, a few hills and spaces can be noted on either side of the road. On the right side the remains of a round castle along with a moat surrounding it is seen. Throughout the ...
Tal-e-Telesmy Hill

This hill is located south of Burazjan and to the north of which is a structure having strong walls made out of cobbled stones and gypsum in a length of more that 20 m. Most probabely the main structure is of the Sassanian era.
Toz Archaeological Zone

Toz was one of the commercial and trading centers and was famous for is textiles, such as cotton or other decorative materials braided with gold or silver. Other remnants such as ruined edifices, broken pieces of stone and earthenware objects are evidences ...
Burazjan Thermal Spring

This spring is 12 km. on the Burazjan - Kazeroon Road and 6 km. south of Dalky village. Its mineral water is good for skin remedies.
Dalky River

This river takes its source from the heights of Dasht-e-Arjan to the west of Shiraz, and after gaining water from the Sarkhoon and Shirin Rivers, adjoins Shapour River, finally flowing into the Persian Gulf. Dalky river, specially in the northern sector ...
Dalky Thermal Spring

This spring is located 18 km. from the city of Burazjan towards Kazeroon city. This spring provides 18 liters of water per second having positive effects on certain ailments.
Halleh Wetland Protected Zone

This area is between the two rivers of Dalky and Shapour. This area is the habitat of different species of waterfowls.
Khanik no. 1&2 Thermal Spring

Situated 1 km. from the 'Khanik' Village, the water contains minerals such as calcium sulfate with magnesium and sodium chloride.
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