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Gahar Lake (Gol Gahar)

Located in the slopes of the Oshtoran Kooh Mountains, is the permanent sweet-water lake of the upper and lower Gahar. This lake obtains its water from melting snows of the mountains, thus forming into a lake behind the mountains. The length of the main ...
Homayoon Mountain

This being the most important and one of the last 'chals' of Oshtoran Kooh Mountains reputedly known as 'Homayoon', in which the high peak of 'Kaft Homayoon' at an altitude of 4,000 m. is located. The famous spring of 'Shah Takht' is situated in this ...
Oshtoran kooh Mountain

Located 50 km. within the limits of Aligoodarz and Borujerd, in a north west and south east direction, spans the 'Oshtoran Kooh' Mountain Range. Its natural glaciers are full of snow and ice throughout the year. This mountain range has numerous peaks, ...
Qalieh Mountain

Located at the natural borders of Aligoodarz and Dezful, and at a distance of 80 km. from Aligoodarz, stands the Qalieh Kooh with an altitude of 4,110m. The skirts of these mountains are extremely beautiful, full of flora and fauna. The said peak is ...
Tamandar Mountain

The 'Tamandar' Mountain Ranges in the district of Barirood and Zolfi in Aligoodarz, has four ranges - north, south, east and central. The northern range has two peaks Azna and Darreh Sar with an elevation of 3,200 m. and 3,250 m. respectively. The central ...
Khanjan Khani Hill

Located in the village of Dah Peer, this hillock shows evidences of earthen ware from the Sassanian period and pots bearing bones. On this hill, is a tomb, reputedly known as Sarmagu (this tomb belongs to a much respected personality of the area). In ...
Rasta Bazaar

The above mentioned, is another ancient bazaar in Borujerd, and alike other bazaars is the trade and commerce center. Signs of some of the old professions can be observed in this covered bazaar. From the architectural point of view this bazaar can be ...
Seyed Jamaleddin Vaez Esfahani Grave

Located to the south of the municipality building of Borujerd, is the grave of a freedom fighter, and also the Father of a great writer 'Seyed Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh'. Seyed Jamaleddin Vaez was martyred by the orders of Amir Afkham, the governor of ...
Borujerd Jame' Mosque

According to an inscription, this mosque was constructed in the year 1068 AH. The mosque is located to the east of the city of Borujerd. The entrance door of the mosque was built in the year 1092 AH. under the command of Soltan Mohammad. In the year ...
Imamzadeh Ja'far

This architecturally fascinating structure (mausoleum) is located in the midst of an ancient graveyard, east of Borujerd. This relic is from the Saljuqi period. The actual grave is on a lower level than its surrounding. The 'haram' or Imamzadeh has lost ...
Soltani Mosque

This mosque is also known as the Shah mosque, and is a remnant of the Qajar period . The courtyard of the mosque is 61 x 47 sq. m. which has a pool in the center. The mosque has three large entrances. The northern entrance has an arched ceiling, adorned ...
Seilakhor Plain

This is the largest and alluvial plain of Lurestan, extending from the north of Borujerd right till Dorood. The spring and summer seasons are most appropriate for a visit to the area.
Sezar River

This river is the main tributary of Dez River which obtains its water from the mountains and flows towards the south. A large dam has been constructed on this river.
Bakhtiari, Cheshmak, Gahrood and other rivers

Other rivers in this province are : Bakhtiari, Aab-afreeneh, Chulhoon, Baadavar, Cheshmak, Aab-tangooleh, Aab-Sefid, Gahrood, Aab-Malayer, Marbareh, Darreh-Dozdan and Takht-Jan rivers.
Chakan Waterfall

Chakan Waterfall is in the heights, over looking the valley of Chakan, south of Dorood. This waterfall comes out of a cave and is very much lengthy. The waterfall dries up gradually in the beginning of autumn and comes to life again in spring.
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