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Population: 2,602,000
Area: 46645 sq km
Altitude: 40m
Average Temperature: 15

Amol Bazaar

This bazaar situated in the city center, has lost some of its former importance due to social, economic and historical reasons. The roofs of the shops here are made of earthenware tiles on an incline so as to be a protection against the sun and rain. ...
Ashraf Bath

The same has been constructed in the 12th century AH. and is presently located in the Niaki Mahaleh of Amol. The structure has three large domes and seven small domes. This bath has two Khazeenehs or pool like areas, one containing warm and the other ...
Darvazeh Pelleh Bridge

This brick made bridge spans over the Haraz River, in the city center of Amol, connecting the east of the city to the western sector. It is 120 m. in length. The arches rest on rectangular pillars which are at a distance of 6 m. from each other. In a ...
Mashhad Mir Bozorg (Mir Mara'shi) Tomb

This structure is one of the important historical constructions of Mazandaran. The original structure was square in shape, and was constructed in the 8th century AH. But the current one is related to the Safavid era, that is the 11th century AH. Here ...
Amol Jame' Mosque

The same is located in the Masjed Jame' Mahaleh of Amol. Its primary structure dates to the first century AH. Currently, this mosque has a square courtyard with constructions on the four sides. The nocturnal areas to the north and south, each have six ...
Imamzadeh Abdollah

The same is situated in the village of 'Osku Mahaleh', 12 km. southwest of Amol. The original structure was demolished in the year 1964, and a new one was erected. The sepulcher is of gold and silver, which is the work of artisans from the city of Esfahan. ...
Imamzadeh Ebrahim

The same is a four-sided brick structure with a pyramid like shaped dome. On the door and wooden chest there in, are carved inscriptions with the date 925 AH. The text of the said inscriptions are related to Abu Mohammad Ebrahim, the offspring of Imam ...
Ab Esk (Larijan) Thermal Springs

The said is located in a village by the same name in the district of Larijan. Surrounding this spring are limestone deposits which through the passage of time turn into marble. The water from this spring is useful in the treatment of chronic wounds, ...
Alamol Waterfall

The said waterfall flows from the northern slopes of the Damavand Mountains, and is more than 100 m. in height. The massive output of water from this waterfall forms a spray like mist in the air and brings about a wonderful sight.
Amoloo Mineral Water Spring

The water from this spring can be used for drinking purposes, and is useful in treating gastro-intestinal disorders. The same can be used for skin diseases also. Being close to the Haraz River this vicinity has a beautiful landscape.
Babol and Amol Forests

This area with its elevated landscape and valleys has dense forests. Its tall hills overlook the plains and stretch out till the high slopes of the Damavand Mountains. The majestic and deep rocky valleys, rivers, numerous springs, elevated waterfalls, ...
Haraz River

The Haraz River takes its source in the skirts of the Alborz Mountains in the region of Larijan. After flowing along the Haraz Road and Valley for about 100 km. it meanders in the midst of the city of Amol, from where it reaches the Caspian Sea. The ...
Lar and Damavand Mountains

These mountains form the two branch ranges of the central Alborz Mountains, and are the highest sections of this range. To the north, after the Kahu (Sefid Ab) Pass, in the village of Garmabdar (district of Roodbar-e-Qasran), it sub-divides into two, ...
Rineh Thermal Springs

This thermal spring is near the Rineh village (Larijan). Its water is used in the treatment of joint disorders, skin diseases and infections.
Yakhi Waterfall

This waterfall is spectacular in that it is completely frozen, and is at an elevation of 5,100 m. in the vicinity of the Dood Kooh Mountains near the Damavand Peak. The same has a height of 70 m. and is 3 m. in girth which is in a state of constant increment. ...
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