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East Azarbaijan
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East Azarbaijan

Ahar Bazaar

The ancient Bazaar of Ahar, is adorned in a spectacular fashion, with specific plaster moldings and unique oriental design. The bazaar is composed of various sections and has been repaired during the Qajar period.
Avarsian Castle

Located 11 km. on the Ahar - Kalibar Road and is one of the evidences from the Sassanian era.
Joeshoon Castle

Located on a height, 26 km. west of Varzegan, this castle belongs to pre-Islamic period and was also utilized after Islam.
Nodooz Castle

This castle is located 25 km. southeast of Ahar at a height region, dating back to the Sassanian period. It is built of stone, brick and gypsum, having a tall tower.
Poshtoo Castle

This castle is one of the most important and valuable historical monuments of Ahar. Located on a high mountain 3,000 m. in altitude, having high, rocky ramparts. The only access to this castle is by the 220 stony steps.
Qobol Darahsi Historical Zone

Qobol Darahsi has been located at one km. from Chonab Village of Hourand, opposite the Hashtsar Mountain. It is narrated that this place was the main residential place of Babak Khorram Din. Considering the versatile natural, historical and environmental ...
Saqandel Inscription

This engraving is in the Zaqi mountains, 2 km. east of Varezgan (Ahar). The length of this engraving being 115 cm and the width 47 cm having 10 lines inscribed on it. This inscription is related to Saardoo II, son of 'Argishti I (330-750 BC). It narrates ...
Shah Abbasi Caravansary

The pass of Goijeh Boel is one of the most beautiful vicinities in Azarbayjan, 24 km. of Ahar. In this area two caravansaries or inns can be noted, built of stone and the type of architecture shows that both were constructed simultaneously during the ...
Sheikh Shahab-edin Ahary Tomb

The tomb of this great and famous Gnostic of the 7th and 8th century AH. is located in downtown of Ahar and has several sections.
Shisheh Inscription

This is the third recognized engraving of Orartooie', and is in East Azarbayjan in a village with the same name. This is also in the Cuneiform script and in the Orartooie language dating back to Argishti period, son of Russai the sixth commander of 'Orartooie ...
Ahar Jame' Mosque

The said mosque, dates back to the Saljuqi and Atabakan periods and is an excellent and interesting piece of architecture. In the inscriptions here the date (1052 AH) can be noted.
Arasbaran (Qaradaq) Mountains

It is the continuation of Caucasian mountains that is separated by Aras river ant its valley. It has and area of 9,500 square kilometers with a summit of 2,946 m. high.
Arasbaran Forests

Being a Biosphere Reserve, these beautiful forests in the northwest of the province are considered the last habitats of the Caucasian black Grouse and other important wildlife. Arasbaran can be reached through the small town of Ahar and a good quality ...
Mehr Abad Mosque

This mosque is from the Safavid era and has excellent oriental architectural display with numerous pillars.
Orumieh Lake

Lake Orumieh is one of the largest and permanent lakes of Iran and has characteristics of its own. This lake is located to the northwest of the province and stretches from north to south, thereby dividing this territory into two that is East Azarbayjan ...
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