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Arg Square

Arg is one of the most important Caliphate’s seat of Tehran which dates back to the Safavid era (the reign of Shah Tahmasb Safavid). In the past, this square had a moat around it. Other royal buildings were also within this area. This square has its ...
Azadi Square

This structure was constructed in the year 1350 (1971), during the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in west of Tehran (at the entrance to Tehran - Karaj special Road) on a piece of land with an area of 50,000 sq. m. At the same time a museum had also been ...
Baharestan Square

The palace and square of Baharestan is one of the oldest constructions of Tehran. The founder of the palace was Mirza Hossein Khan Sepahsalar. But the statue midst the square is that of Ayatollah Modarres. To the north of this square, was the Negarestan ...
Behesht-e-Zahra Graveyard

This large graveyard is the resting abode of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution such as martyrs of 17th Shahrivar 1357 AH, martyrs of the office of the Islamic Republican Party, martyrs of the eight years of Iraqi-imposed war, the tomb of Ayatollah ...
Beinol Haramein Bazaar

This bazaar is located between Imam Khomeini Mosque or the former Shah Mosque and the Jame’ Mosque. It was constructed during the reign of Mohammad Shah Qajar. This bazaar deals with stationary articles.
Dayr Caravansary

This caravansary or traditional local ‘inn’ is situated on the Tehran - Qom Road. Immediately after Hassan Abad (towards Varamin) and 12 km from Band-e-Ali Khan, Dayr caravansary can be noted, which is placed in the old Sassanide Raod which was supposed ...
Dowlat Graveyard

This Graveyard with an area of 2,000 sq m. is located in Dowlat Avenue. The date of the last burial taken place here was about 50 years ago which was a commemoration of World War II.
Ebne Babvaih Graveyard

This old graveyard covers an area of 9.5 hectares. Its the resting abode of known personalities such as Mirzadeh Eshqi (a great revolutionary poet), Dehkhoda (a literary scholar and writer of the dictionary by the same name). Dr. Hossein Fatemi (Foreign ...
Eshrat Abad Palace and Garrison

This Palace was constructed under the order of Naseredin Shah in the year 1291 AH. and is located to the north east of Tehran, in the Eshrat Abad sector, beyond the Shemiran Gate way. This Kolah Farangi edifice of Eshrat Abad is in four storeys with ...
Golestan Palace

This palace was constructed in the year 1268 AH. under the order of Naseredin Shah. This palace is comprised of the entrance along with various pavillions, such as mirror, diamonds, ivory and crystal pavillions as well as Salam pavillion in which the ...
Hassan Abad Square

Mirza Yusof Aashtiani, the Grand Chancellor of Naseredin Shah constructed this square in the name of his son Mirza Hassan Mostowfi-ol-Mamalek. From 1303 till 1312 AH. four buildings were constructed in four sides of the square in adaptation to Paladio, ...
Howz Caravansary

The said caravansary was formerly a place for tremendous passenger traffic being en route Tehran - Qom - Esfahan. But today due to the diversion of the former route, this ‘inn’ has been deprived of passengers.
Imam Jomeh House

Imam Jomeh house is one of the magnificent buildings of second half of 13th century AH. and was used to be the residence of ‘Imam Jomeh’ or the Friday Praying Leader, prior to Islamic Revolution. This building comprised of various halls and chambers ...
Marmar Palace

This palace was built during the years 1934 -1937 AD. with a combination of eastern and western architecture. Hossein Lorzadeh was the architect and Ostad Yazdi was responsible for the tile-works. Mohammad Hossein Sani' Khatam and Hossein Taherzadeh ...
Marvy Edifice and School

The Fakhriyeh or Marvy School was constructed in 13th century AH. by Fakhrodowleh by the orders of Fathali Shah Qajar. This edifice is composed of a tall gate way, courtyard, chambers and several porticos adorned with sun baked brick work.
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