Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tourist Attraction

Tabatabaei House

in Kashan city | Esfahan province
Tourist Attraction

Tabatabaei House

Related to Kashan city (located in Esfahan province)
Tabatabaei House is one of the best samples of historical houses of Kashan, more elegant and more beautiful than almost all. Back in 200 years ago the definition of a house and the majesty of a one seems to be a bit different than what we know today. Then, science was in harmony with nature and mankind to make a masterpiece.
This house has a total area of 4730 sqm, with 40 rooms, and more than 200 doors; feel free to roam. It took Ustad Ali Maryam, a famous architect of the Qajar period in the 19th century, 10 years to build this masterpiece. The Palace was to house a well-respected carpet merchant Seyyed Ja'far Tabatabei.
The seven elaborate windows of the main courtyard are a particular wonder, designed to illustrate the high social status of the owner. The house is arranged around four courtyards, the largest of which boasts a large pond with fountains, helping to keep the courtyard cool. From mid-afternoon (depending on the month), sunlight and stained glass combine to bathe some rooms in brilliant colour. There is the legendary bird Homa (Sphinx) appearing in the plots of the decorations, devoted to the merchant’s wife, whose name was Homa.

The Palace is a thing of beauty, whether in the day or night. Apart from the size, the design - the added attention to detail on the walls with patterns and carvings, the magnificent mirror and colorful stained glass works and the beautiful pools and heavenly gardens - elaborate Iran’s architectural exquisiteness and tradition.
This house includes the same characteristics seen in all traditional homes situated Iranian desert towns.  They are usually built around a central courtyard. In the winter, the family would gather in the south-facing side of the house which has larger windows to make the best of the winter light. Then in the summer, more activities would take place in the north-facing side where the windows are smaller and away from the sunlight. And with the help of special wind tunnels, you get a lifetime of free air-conditioning!

Tabatabaie Historical House is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city of Kashan. Kashan city is greatly admired by tourists due to its traditional houses and their unique architecture. Tabatabaie traditional House is located in the touristy area of the city and you can walk to many other unique attractions of the city such as Boroujerdi House, Abbasi House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse and Ameriha House.

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Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
Tabatabaei Historical House - Kashan
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