Alvir Castle
Tourist Attraction

Alvir Castle

in Saveh city | Markazi province
Tourist Attraction

Alvir Castle

Related to Saveh city (located in Markazi province)
The historical Alvir Castle is located to the northwest of Saveh. Alvir is a historic village with three archaeological hillocks within its limits. Alvir Castle is near the second hillock. Evidences such as stones, sun baked bricks, glazed and simple earthenware reveal that the same is related to the Sassanid, post Islamic and Safavid periods. There is an archaeological hillock 2 km. to the east of Alvir.

The earthenware found scattered around here date back to the fourth, third and second millennium BC. Furthermore, several earthenware belonging to Sassanids and Ilkhanan periods have been also discovered in this vicinity.
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Alvir Castle
Alvir Castle
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